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The Pure Dental Advantage

We are the only dental team that combines the latest digital technology with advanced 3d printing to perfectly customize your smile in the most precise, efficient and affordable way possible.

Our Four Ever Smile™ procedures are performed at Pure Dental, with our patients’ needs and total comfort in mind. Here, your entire dental team, the dental lab and, your support staff are together in the same center. This approach is not only highly-efficient, but it also allows your team to be extremely collaborative. The result? A better final result that saves both time and money.

We are among the few practices in the world to create your smile with 100% digital technology from start to finish. This allows us to us to deliver the highest quality service to our patients. Our state-of-the-art office is equipped with digital scanning technology, and 3D CAT Scan machines so we can locate bone structure with greater precision than ever before. This allows us to create the most accurate virtual treatment plan for your new smile.

In-house dental lab

Our 100% digital dental lab is equipped with the most advanced milling machines and 3D printers in the world, giving you high precision guaranteed results.

Having our on-site dental lab with specially trained technicians means we can create completely customized smiles in the same day. Our efficient process allows us to deliver a Four Ever Smile™ at a fraction of the cost, and in under 4 hours!

Relax with all the comfort you could want

For many patients, fear is one of the biggest reasons for not restoring their smile. At Pure Dental, we take pride in making your experience as stress-free as possible. With sedation dentistry, TV’s on the ceiling, warm blankets, and smiling faces, you will feel as relaxed as possible.

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