Is the
Four Ever Smile™ procedure right for you?

Is the
Four Ever Smile™ procedure right for you?

Common Questions

Am I a Candidate?

If you’ve been told you need bone grafting or you can’t have implants, you are a candidate. If you currently wear dentures, you’re a candidate. If you have chipped, broken, deteriorating, or missing teeth, you’re a candidate. Or, if you want a self-confidence booster and a perfect smile, you’re a candidate.

Will I Be Sedated?

Yes, every patient is offered the option of sedation. We have a board-certified dental anesthesiologist whose job is to ensure you are comfortable while undergoing your new Four Ever Smile™, whether resting or asleep.

How Long Will My Procedure Last?

3-4 hours and you will leave with a new set of teeth on the same day!

Will I Feel Any Pain?
Since the surgery is 3D-guided and the patient is given anti-inflammatory steroid medication during surgery, there is little to no discomfort. Some patients on blood thinners do experience some postoperative swelling/bruising but rarely any pain.
Where Will My Replacement Teeth Be Made?

With the entire Four Ever Smile™ process exclusively under one roof, your new teeth will be digitally designed and hand-sculpted by our master dental technicians at our on-site digital dental lab.

What is the Success Rate?
Studies show a 98% success rate using Four Ever Smile™ dental implants.
How Long Will it Take to Heal?
Because specialized, immediate dental implants are used, no healing time or bone integration is required. After the temporary bridge is placed, we allow approximately 4 months of gum healing before we start digital impressions for your permanent porcelain Zirconia bridge.

The Affordable Smile

Because of the efficiency and predictability of the Four Ever Smile™ procedure, costs are greatly reduced and we pass these savings on to you. Our cost is consistently unmatched in the industry.

You’ll get one fixed price that covers the entire procedure with no hidden costs. The Four Ever Smile™ system has funding and relationships with banks and lending institutions, allowing patients to have a better than 95% rate of getting easy financing.

One Cost, Forever.

Four Ever Smile™ is the first and ONLY completely digital full arch implant system in North America. Our completely digital technology allows us to deliver patients the highest quality, best fitting porcelain implant bridge on the market. This 100% digital workflow saves hours of time over the traditional All On Four™ method which means tens of thousands of dollars in savings for you.

At your free consultation, you’ll receive a 3D CT scan which allows us to assess the quality of your bone. Every person has a different bone density, which means restoring every smile is a unique process customized just for you. While the price range may vary based on your bone density, there are no hidden costs and no extra bills from outside providers thanks to all of our specialists being under one roof.

On average, a single row of teeth costs $18,000 – $22,000, and a full set (two rows) is $38,000 – $44,000.

When it comes to your lifelong investment, you should expect a smile nothing short of perfect.

No Insurance? No Problem.

We take pride in helping our patients find easy, convenient and flexible financing options.

In order to get funding for a payment plan here are a few important things to know:

• You need a Credit Score (675+) or know a friend or family member who does
• This may result in monthly payments for a single arch at around $250-$450/month
• And approximately $450 – $900/month for a full mouth (two arches)

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