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Thanksgiving is arguably the best holiday of all. Firmly focused on food, family, friends and football. Thanksgiving is filled with culinary traditions that are only brought out when the leaves have changed and the air has turned cooler. Yet, some of these favorite foods can also damage your teeth, leaving you with more than just a full belly and turkey coma when the big meal is over.


Not only do sugary drinks and cocktails laced with syrups and sodas pack in the calories to an already caloric meal, they are also notorious for damaging your teeth. Opt instead for a simple glass of wine or water during your meal and save the sugary drink for dessert when you have an opportunity to brush your teeth afterward.


Turkey is packed with protein that is great for strong muscles and healthy gums. But dried out turkey can often find its way in between your teeth. Carrying a little dental floss with you can ensure any remnants of the Thanksgiving bird aren’t left where they don’t belong.

Sure, those browned marshmallows on top of yams look appealing and those light and fluffy rolls are calling your name, but starches left on your teeth are prime breeding grounds for bacteria. That doesn’t mean you should avoid them, simply limit your intake to a single portion and wash them down with water to limit bacteria.


When a dentist looks at a pecan pie, all they see are crowns and fillings. Between the sticky pecans and the sugary filling, you are asking for a dental disaster. However, pumpkin pie, while still loaded with sugar, also contains vitamins B and C. A little strategic pie consumption followed by a thorough brushing can keep you out of the dentist’s chair.


Whether they are raw or cooked, veggies are great ways to increase bacteria-fighting saliva in your mouth. Plus, they are natural abrasives that keep your teeth clean in the absence of a toothbrush. Try them with a delicious dip for a simple appetizer that is great for your oral health.

Here at Pure Dental, we’re thankful for each and every one of our patients. If you find that your Thanksgiving dinner has left you with less-than-stellar oral health, call us today to schedule your cleaning and examination.

At Pure Dental, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have a million-dollar smile. Call 631-237-8770 today for a complimentary consultation.
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