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Introducing the Four Ever Smile™ Permanent Tooth Replacement System

They say you’re never fully dressed without a smile.
But what do you do if that smile causes you embarrassment or affects your ability to eat?

Step into one of Pure Dental’s brand-new state-of-the-art facilities and meet their highly qualified staff. Whether you are there for cosmetic dentistry, full mouth reconstruction, dental implants, sleep dentistry, dental restorations, or regular hygiene maintenance you will instantly feel comforted by the spa-like atmosphere.

Many full arch implant systems would require you to wear a denture for 4-6 months and not know what material your final teeth would be made with. Pure Dental specializes in cosmetic dentistry, their Four Ever Smile™ system is changing the industry for dental implants. Not only is this system more affordable than many implant options, but it is made with zirconia, the gold standard in dentistry.

Thanks to Pure Dental’s board-certified anesthesiologist, you will be fully sedated so you will not remember or feel a thing, which is a common fear while going to the dentist. You will wake up with a brand new smile to show the world.

After doing thousands of implants over the years, Pure Dental has mastered their version of the “All On Four” notably named the “Four Ever Smile” using the best technology and materials in dentistry, they are becoming a notable figure in the implant world.

With Pure Dental’s “Four Ever Smile™”, the day you are sedated by a board-certified anesthesiologist for your procedure you will wake up with a temporary non-removable bridge, created by their in-house laboratory. Having this temporary bridge avoids the troubles of having loose-fitting dentures. Three months later, once your gums and implants have healed, you will return and have your fully customized permanent zirconia bridge placed that you are guaranteed to love.

Many people end up needing to be fitted for dentures, the average denture user receives their first pair at age 40 to 49. A major concern people have with dentures is that you lose your ability to eat certain foods, such as steak and other hard or sticky foods. This is due to the fact dentures only exert about 10% of the bite force that natural teeth do as you bite and chew, which means that you’ll have to work much harder to eat. Unfortunately, this means denture wearers and those with fewer teeth were 32% more likely to be frail, and 20% more likely to be nutritionally deficient.

Pure Dental is disrupting the dental implant industry with their Four Ever Smile™ while saving people money and giving them the perfect smile they deserve. Call or click for your complimentary consultation today.

At Pure Dental, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have a million-dollar smile. Call 631-237-8770 today for a complimentary consultation.
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